DAW and suitable software

anyone know the price of getting cubase, as Im still quite new to Dorico pro3.5 …also does it work well with this and on a Mac? Primary wanted this for recording my scores and uploaded to you tube ect…

@simonpeter38 hello,
I hope you are doing well! :slight_smile:
Here is the Cubase versions comparison list, so could decide which one will fit your needs the best:

The prices are listed at the bottom. :slight_smile:

I’m a Cubase Pro user, but it is the most expensive of all.
You also need to know that still there is no direct way to transfer Dorico project into Cubase, but
the guys are working in that direction.
I do hope in the near future we will have even real-time bi-diretional synchronized transfer between Dorico and Cubase/Nuendo! :slight_smile: I really would like every inserted note, expression, or dynamic in Dorico to appear simultaneously in Cubase, and vice versa.
Currently the only two available ways are by export - import MIDI or MusicXML(into Cubase Score Editor - a very archaic, and probably the most terrible score editor I’ve ever touched)
Cubase works well on both PC and Mac, so nothing to worry about that.
Personally I recommend you to decide between Cubase Pro and Artist, Elements is too limited. But still I suppose that you may need some things that are part only of Cubase Pro.
You could wait for the Summer Sale when you can buy Cubase on 30% - 40% discount.

I hope this information is enough helpful for you! :slight_smile:

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It’s worth pointing out that many people record audio directly from Dorico for use in videos and audio demos.

You can certainly do much more manual adjustment of sound libraries in a DAW like Cubase, but (depending on the sample library), you can get decent results directly from Dorico.

You might be better off spending money on a decent sample library.

Thankyou Thurisaz for your advice. yes probably wait until the sales great idea!

Hi Benwiggy,

Thankyou for your advice…what would be the process for example I would save my score as audio, you tube doesn’t upload audio files or how would you make a video from dorico as a score…

Import the audio into iMovie. Add some images to pan across, and/or record the screen while Dorico plays back.
Or just a black background with titling.

@simonpeter38 and @benwiggy,
Here the most important question will be, does Simon would like to be able to record real musicians at his home studio, performing his music, or parts of it, or not? Audio recording and editing aren’t available in Dorico.
Does he would like to be able to do some post production (mixing and mastering), or not? After all the good sound is almost the half of the final product. Unfortunately Dorico is still far behind Cubase/Nuendo in this area.
Does he can afford to invest some money to put a little bit of the spirit of real performance by recording live instruments?!

If the exported result, out of Dorico, is fine for Simon, then it’s pointless to buy Cubase.
He has to tell us what exactly he would like to achieve. :slight_smile:
If the goal is only to create videos with notation, and sound out of VSTs, then he can just use screen recording software and the Dorico playback.
If the goal is to create video with notation, but with music performed by real musicians, then he will need screen recording soft, Cubase and Dorico (just for scrolling the scores). :slight_smile:

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I definitely agree! On the recording side, if he’s not using a home studio, he should consider whatever software is used by the commercial studio he will be using to record. In the US anyway, this will almost certainly be Pro Tools. Every single studio recording I’ve ever done except one has been in a studio running Pro Tools.

Thankyou for your advice Thurisaz