DAW Builder in the USA - recommendation

Has anyone in the past 3 years had a new Music DAW built by a DAW builder in the States? If so, can you recommend them?
My DAW originally built in 2005 and upgraded in 2012 is starting to breath heavily.
I’ve been using Cubase since 1991 when i was living in Germany… I started on Cubase III I believe running on an Atari ST computer… So I’m dancing with the one that brought me here and if anyone has some first hand advice I would appreciate it. Thx. ciao, Dan

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Over the years, I’ve built several of my own workstations, gaming computers, and even rackmount FrankenMacs. I’ve also had SilentPC (AKA CoolTechPC & EndPCNoise) build me two DAW machines. In fact, I’m in the middle of choosing components for a third SilentPC DAW. (On my previous SilentPC builds, I spec’d several parts that weren’t listed in their configurator, including a different rackmount-chassis and even my own choice of motherboard.)

I have no reservations recommending SilentPC. They’ve certainly done their research in regards to parts selection, and they do a beautiful job of assembly, making sure all of the internal cables are carefully dressed and tied down.

I’ve gotten mine from ADK Pro Audio for quite awhile now.

I know not everyone is into building their own computers, but man you could save so much money by doing it yourself. This company is overcharging like CRAZY.

I just used their site to create a similar computer to what I have and it came out to $7,250… I spent about 3k on mine.

Hi Andy,
Thx for the quick response… I will have to contact SilentPC. Anyone in particular you talk to regarding DAW builds?
ciao, Dan

Hi raino, thx for replying. Yeah, the original DAW that I have and that was upgraded including putting in a Tower in 2012 was from ADK…
I was very dissapointed. When I received it, there were 30 or 40 postage stamps they use to ship it… and naturally when I opened up the case, one of the racks that housed a PCEI slot was bent… Really shoddy… I would never buy from them… especially at the prices you mentioned… good reason to build your own.
ciao, Dan

I think if I tried to do that the additional repair and hospital bills would more than eat up any savings

Also you’re not just paying them to build some hardware. They also vet the components they use to make sure they play nice with audio - eliminating a lot of the weird problems found on the forum. Of course if you do build your own PC, you can just copy that bit of expertise.

Wow, that is super weird.

My experience has been quite the opposite.

I’ve also used several machines from SilentPC over the years, and I can recommend them highly without reservation. Excellent build, excellent parts, and excellent service.

I exclusively use their fanless PCs, and having all of my computers in the house make no noise whatsoever was a game-changer.

I should add that I’ve been running several versions of Cubase now on those fanless PCs, and Cubase runs great on them. I use them in my acoustically treated studio and can record vocals right next to the PC without worrying about any fan noise ever messing up a vocal session. Like I said, a game changer.

I have used PC Audio Labs in the past. But I think they were sold a few years ago so I’m not necessarily recommending them.

It certainly was weird…
Maybe they just got a new recruit in Shipping who happened to be having a bad day as well… but as I remember, the response from them when I explained and sent them photos wasn’t exactly trying to keep the customer happy…

Hi Timo00, That’s really good news… and good to know I can record vocals right next to them without having to set up a mock recording booth outside my office/studio setup… if you can imagine what that looks like… it’s even worse. :crazy_face:
Seeing as you have several of your machines built by them, is there anyone in particular I should ask to talk to regarding DAW builds?
Thx. for informative reply.

Hi Greg,
Doesn’t sound like your interactions with them were very encouraging.
… but I do like the fact that I can pay in installments and so I’m going to have to check further on their build quality, etc.
thx for the reply.
ciao, Dan

Hello @Dan_Depolito ,
Here is one another DAW builder company based in California, USA:
You could configure and order a DAW computer from them.
In my personal opinion, even a HP Z8 Workstation, also build in the USA, could, perfectly fit your DAW needs. And, probably, it will be a bit cheaper solution.

Best wishes,
Thurisaz :slight_smile:

Hi Thurisaz,
It doesn’t appear that they build any Tower DAWs which is really a requiement of mine. My current DAW started off as a rackmount but the upgrade was built into a Tower because I found that the air flow wasn’t enough in the rackmount version.
Thx for the info.
ciao, Dan

My interactions with them were fine.

But i think they changed hands and i havent bought from them since a change, so im not going to comment how they are today.

You can custom configure on line knowing the type of component brands to get an idea what works and cost.

@Dan_Depolito ,
Then I suggest you to check for HP Z8 Tower Workstation here:

You can customize your HP Z8 in order to meet your needs. Check what VisionDAW offers as a configuration options for their computers and configure the HP the same way, or if you have enough hardware knowledge, do it yourself. :slight_smile:
Surely you’ll get the same hardware performance, as the DAW bilder offers, possibly at a bit lower price.
I’m still having an old HP Z820 Workstation as my main DAW and notation PC. I’m using large orchestral templates that include VSL Dimension Strings, Synchron Percussion, Synchron Pianos, Spitfire Audio - BBC SO Pro, Orchestral Tools - Berlin Series, some choir, folk instrument, renaissance and baroque instruments and synths. Most of them hosted within Vienna Ensemble Pro.
Of course some third party mixing and mastering processors, as well. So far everything still work fine, no matter that the hardware is an old one.
HP Z8 G4 and G5 are far much powerful computers than the one I have. No doubt it will do a perfect job for you.

Best wishes,
Thurisaz :slight_smile:

I don’t remember the name of anybody in particular, but every interaction, from sales to technical support, has been fantastic. They’re a small company, just a handful of people.

BTW, these are the PCs I buy from them:

They also have DAW-specific systems, but they’re not fanless last time I checked, so I’m staying away from those:

Thx Timo00,
I sent them an email to the Support staff on Friday evening.
ciao, Dan

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Asked a couple of my American producer friends and two names kept coming back - PC Audio Labs and Orbital Computers. As these are second hand recommendations, not sure how useful this is but may give you a start in the process, we are spoilt hear in the UK with both scan.co.uk and music-pc.co.uk being great outfits in my experience, only mention it because not sure if either may take an order from the US or have oeprations anywhere there?