DAW Control buttons not working on Komplete Kontrol Keyboards

Since upgrading to Cubase 11 Pro (from 10.5 Pro) the DAW control buttons on my Native Instruments S88 Mk2 and A61 keyboards no longer work. I used these exclusively in my workflow, as the layout in my studio makes it awkward to reach back to my computer to start/stop recording, so this has my stopped for now.

I’ve checked in Studio Setup (see attachments) that everything looks correct, and was surprised to see that most of the buttons listed aren’t even present on my keyboards, but that things like “Record”, “Play”, "Stop’ etc. (which are the buttons that aren’t working) aren’t even mentioned.

Any thoughts, please?

(Ticket opened, too)

So after restarting Cubase in Safe Mode for another issue I was having, this issue seems to have resolved itself!

I’ll post a note back in this thread if it reappears.

I have an S61 and the only config difference i have is the the “DAW” inputs on the MIDI settings page i have included in all inputs.