[DAW controller] Auto banking with Mackie MCU protocol

Could you consider improving Mackie’s MCU integration?

Currently controllers that use this procollo like Behringer’s X-TOUCH, and many others (as far as I know), do not follow the selected channel, but only those inside the active bank (8 channels), making the job very uncomfortable.

Could you implement auto bank switching?
Logic Pro X does it already. Many users have requested this for Cubase over the years, but there is currently no news.

It would be very useful for anyone who uses a DAW controller.

Thank you!!


It would make my workflow much easier and faster.

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Yes please!

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Posted basically this in the C11 feature request forum as well, with a link back to this.

+1 would be a great feature!

This would mean that witch ever track is chosen, whether it be track 5 or track 55, Cubase would send the channel and bank info to the controller surface or controller app. So if someone is using Lemur and selected track 55 in Cubase, Lemur would display the track information - Faders, knobs.

I would be interested to know whether anyone is using IC Pro. And whether IC Pro handles track counts larger than eight without having to manually select banks.