DAW Controller.. click a track in Cubase, follow in controller

Hi Guys,

Have an Icon Qcon Pro x… Things would be a LOT easier if when I clicked on a track in Cubase, it switched to that track in the daw controller.

When I click on a track on the controller, it selects in in Cubase so why can’t it do the opposite? How could something like this not have been implemented?? Am I missing something?

Is there any custom software or anything that fixes some of these issues?

does the ico qcon pro x use the MCU protocol? i.e. mackie control? i have an old MCU, and it works. but perhaps icon has its own way of communication?

Yes, its mackie… I’ve seen others talk about this but I’m hoping there’s been a solution, mod, fix, update, etc.

So in Cubase, when you click on a track, your MCU changes to that track? (Not MCU first, then Cubase)