DAW controller for Cubase 11 Pro

Does anyone know of a DAW controller that will work on Cubase 11 Pro? I just purchased the PreSonus Faderport V2 model but it is not compatible. I looked at the Steinberg CC121 but every website that had it said it was discontinued. thanks.

The FaderPort works well in Cubase. You have to run it in Mackie mode though.

Thanks. I did run it in Mackie mode but it still doesn’t work. If you move the faders in Cubase the controller faders move but not the other way around. Moving the faders or pressing any of the buttons on the controller does not work within the DAW.

I’ve been using the Behringer X-touch for several years now and it works great.

I was looking at that controller today. Do you use Cubase 11 Pro?

Yes I have used it with version 11.

I haven’t uninstalled version 11.5 yet, but I’m current with version 12.20 as well.

Behringer also makes a single fader version of the X-Touch as well if you’re not looking for an eight-fader unit.

Great , thanks for the info.