DAW Remote HD ipad app - Anyone using it?

Hi all,

Just wondering if anyone is using the “DAW Remote HD” ipad app with Cubase 8.

I’m trying to decide whether to get it or Cubase IC.
Cubase IC looks a little more limited, and the main thing that puts me off is that there is no master fader, but DAW Remote has a permanent master fader.

The thing that puts me off DAW Remote is it hasn’t been updated in a while (none of the ipad control surface apps seem to have been updated that recently). But, if it still works with Cubase 8, then it’s not really an issue.
Any other suggestions are also welcome.

I looked at V-Control, but that is $100 and I read that they are switching to a subscription model. Plus, I don’t really need the V window thing. Just a mixer.


Maybe you should try IC versio Pro…it has the Master Fader: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ws9pV30Vfy8

Thanks, but in that video and all of the screen shots I’ve seen, there is no master fader.