DAW to SCORE - tips and insights (Logic > Dorico 4)

Hi folks - a little digression…

Just saw this YT video; pick from it what you will. I found it pretty interesting, especially in light of a few recent posts/threads here on the subject (getting MIDI from a DAW in to Dorico etc…).
DAW to Score | The Ultimate Guide for Notating Your Music - YouTube

Also, thought it good to see a(nother) young person embracing the software.! Dorico needs more young people on board… :slight_smile:

Sidetrack:- talking of which, found a possible nice/new marketing opportunity (to more young people) that you might consider @dspreadbury

Below is a link to a YT video on a channel run by Ryan Leach (Dorico user) who holds a composing competition periodically and welcomes sponsors for prizes to the winner/top three etc… hint, hint…

This one is the latest competition (July 2022) set of finalists, and the winner announced at the end July 2022 Composing Competition Livestream! - YouTube

Some amazing skills/imagination out there - very inspiring.!