Daylight Saving Time Rescan Strikes Again

Perfectly valid and working plugins crashed Cubase, once again, during it’s twice-yearly rescan (on Windows).

Everything seemed fine after a reboot.

I’m sure it’s the same code, but it seems like this rescan process is less forgiving and more crash-prone than when doing them incrementally, or even all, but in the Plugin Manager.

Just turn it off then

Not a bad idea, but in my odd case, I need the clock to be in sync to the real world for my file syncing to a local mirror (backup).

The sync software (BTSync) uses date as part of the determining factor of which files have changed.

And I can’t change my backup server to match, because it also syncs files from other computers for my work stuff, and they need to be the correct time for all sorts of reasons.

My main point here is to see if others are noticing different behavior with the Daylight Saving rescan, vs other rescans.

I didn’t get any crashes with my recent Cubase reinstall, so it’s strange I get them on the DST rescan. And I always get crashes on the DST rescan from what I can remember (unscientific as that is).

I guess I’m suggesting there might be an issue with the DST rescan, specifically.

Very hard to test (which may be why the issue is there, if it is there).

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