dBlue Glitch v1.3 does not work in Cubase Artist 6.5 (GUI)?


I’ve been testing all kinds of DAWs (FL, Reaper, Cubase 5, Cubase 4 LE, etc) and finally made my decision to buy Cubase Artist 6.5.

However, dBlue Glitch v1.3 that I use alot does not seem to work. The VSTi itself seems to be powered on but the problem seems to lie in how Cubase 6.5 Artist handles the GUI (dBlue Glitch v1.3 does work in Cubase 4 LE and Cubase 5… also in Reaper and FL. It seems to be Cubase ~6 it has problems with).

Anyone knows a fix on this problem? Or has anyone ecountered something similiar?

The attachment is a picture of the problem.

Jbrdige is your friend :slight_smile:
Runs without problems here!

Any free solution? :smiley:

any other plugin that can host plugins^^

but i m absolutely sure you’ll have a smiley on you’re face when you use jBridge…

I tried using Glitch with Jbridge and Cubase 5 64-bit after reading this suggestions.
But everytime I scan the Folder with the “bridged” plugin I get the well kown error “schwerwiegender Fehler” which means “serious problem”.
So this doesn’t work and there is no smile on my face :wink: - I wonder if I should install cubase 5 32-bit… :frowning:
Any idea what else I could do?

I used Win7 x64
JBridge 1.5
TabSel’s VST2 PluginManager
and Glitch v1.3.05
and it works, without JBridge it doesn’t worked (with C6something…)

Install latest Version of JBridge and Glitch…

I have the latest versions of JBridge and Glitch for sure… I also have Win 7 x64.

I don’t use PlauginManager. Think I need that?

But the problem remains… :frowning:

ok, now I got it running - it seems to be important to start Cubase with admin rights

I’ve found that the jbridged version of Glitch isn’t responsive enough when you’re using midi input to switch presets.

My workaround is to use the jbridged version just to set up your preset slots, then save it as a vst preset.
Then rename the jbridged .dll to “.blah” or something to force it to use just the original non-bridged 32bit version.
launch glitch, of course there’s no GUI using Steinberg’s own bridge but right click and select “switch to generic editor” then load up the preset you just saved from the jbridged version and you’re ready to go.


Don’t own jBridge, but didn’t work for me either. It’s a nice plugin. I’d even pay for it if some company would do maintance and make it 64bit :slight_smile:

Maybe a new Cubase VST? :wink:

JBridge is a little tricky to set up, but once you get it, works great.

Per the instructions, run Cubase as admin.