DC al fine

This song always stops 1 measure early.
What am I do wrong?

Tech-troubled guy.

7 Ecossaise, Op.33, No.2-18.dorico (626.5 KB)

Need to make two changes.

  1. On the DC select to play repeats (to avoid skipping the first ending on the DC)
  2. In Write mode, move your Fine into the first ending. Position it, if you need to, using Engrave mode. You have the Fine attached to note 1 of the 2nd ending.

For example (and I sped up your tempo to isolate the problem more quickly):
7 Ecossaise, Op.33, No.2-18_changed.dorico (626.9 KB)

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Thank you.

Sorry about the painfulllllly slow tempo. It’s a training piece.

That’s what I figured, but I sped it to reach they crucial parts of the repeat structure more quickly.

Happy if you consider it solved.