"DC Offsets...not always the same?"


Don’t know too much about this but here’s my question. When i check DC offsets in a file that’s rendered without vocals (only music track), the results are 99.9 % of the time 0 DC offsets after removing DC offsets. However, when i check the DC offsets in a file that’s rendered with vocals recorded, the results come back differently. For example, sometimes it might be (left -0.000% and right -0.001% or vice versa). So i remove DC offsets and save the file. Then i check for DC offsets again on same file and wa la! -0.001 left and -0.000 right! After removing DC offsets shouldn’t the results always be 0 DC offsets whether the file has vocal material or not? How do i go about achieving this? Thanks in advance and i hope the question is understandable. :confused: Oh, and i have latest update installed. :slight_smile: Thanks again!

Forgot to mention this is on Wavelab Elements 7.2.1

Below a certain level, dc offset has no importance or even meaning (i would say 0.01%). There are several ways to correct dc offset or analysis it. What you observe is this difference.
The difference is whether the dc offset is computed on the whole file, or incrementally samples after samples (forgetting the oldest samples).

Thanks PG for explaination of this.

I’d leave it alone even at a level of less than 0.1% or so. Do check for it if you have a suspicious recording to start with, but only remove when really necessary. It is after all another processing step going over the whole file.

Luck, Arjan

Thanks “A” for confirming. Will do…