DDP creation in Wavelab 8 Elements

Hi Novice Waverlabber here, :blush:

I’m pulling my hair out trying to figure out how to export DDP for my master. I’m doing a digital release and need to send the CODED WAV to a legal radio station deadline looming!!! I’ve read loads of forum posts and ended up with Wavelab but I’m still having trouble doing something that “SHOULD” be relatively simple.

I imported the mastered wav into an Audio Montage in elements and have filled in all the relevant fields in the CD text area, but I can’t see any options to create a DDP file? The only option I see is Write Audio CD? There is no information on how to merger the Wav with data. Or do I have to burn the CD then extract the wav from there with all the coded info?

Can anyone please help. :cry: :cry:

Unfortunately you need the full version of WaveLab 8 in order to create DDP files – see the feature comparison here, under Formats and Export. On the other hand, I’m not sure a radio station would need a DDP file. Do you have the exact specification of the deliverable?

Hi SOundman,

Thanks for your reply.

That’s mad that I have to buy the FULL version when the only thing I need it for is to create a DDP.

Well everyone keeps telling me that I need the ISRC code embedded into the audio in order for my songs to be correctly identified.

But it’s proving more difficult than I thought.

I tried burning a CD and it did create a IMG file with the data in which was readable so I will try that and see what happens.

Sorry what do you mean do I have the exact specification of the deliverable? If you mean do I have all the data/text info for the master then yes.

The radio station you mentioned, did they give you the exact detail of the format they expect you to deliver? I would be very surprised if a radio station asked for DDP.

Hi No they didn’t give me the specification, and they have not asked for DDP.

You mentioned wanting to embed the ISRC code into the audio … I’m guessing the function you need is the Edit / Meta-data function in the wave window. There, depending on the format of the output file, you can input what you want. Just have the file open and press Shift-A.

Yes I did manage to input the meta-data successfully, when I import it back into Wavelab to check it, all the data is there so I will just send what I have.

Many Thanks

ISRC has to be inserted there:

Thanks I did do that. Hopefully all will be well.

Do I have this price correct, $32 for an ISRC code for one song? And this is purchased from only one place, the ISRC website?

Does anybody have an answer to my question? Thanks.

If you’re in the U.S.:
Also see their “where else can I go for ISRCs” section. (CD Baby, etc.)

Thanks bob99, that helps. Hm, seems like a must have kinda thing if you are putting music out there. I was completely oblivious to this. Thanks to all the posters here for making me aware of this!

I just purchased Wavelab Elements 8 and found out that there is no option for DDP. This makes Wavelab almost useless for me :frowning: I should have checked the comparison list before buying. My mistake. I thought that DDP would be such essential that it would include with the packet.

You can get very similar software for the same price as Wavelab Elements with DDP. Hofa-mastering plug in and Quattro audio mastering software would be a better option compared to Wavelab if you need DDP ability.

FINALLY, after spending hours looking for the DDP export function in Wavelab 8 Elements, I learn from a three-year old post that it isn;t offered. So, apparently I gained nothing by “upgrading” from “Wavelab 7” to “Wavelab 8 Elements”.

So, it’s back to using Wavelab 7 where I can easily export my replicatoin master to DDP, enter ISRC codes, barcode, and best of all, I can actually SEE the items I need in the Montage menu.

It never occurred to me that a later, newer version of Wavelab would have LESS functionality than a previous version.

OK, back to work…

But WaveLab 8 Elements is not a full upgrade path from WaveLab 7.

You’d have to upgrade to WaveLab 8, or better yet, WaveLab 9.

Elements versions of WaveLab are limited functionality, notice the price difference.

Plus, there’s a table of features and functionality on the Steinberg site, it’s not hidden info.