DDP Player crashes when opening DDP made with non Steinberg Software.

As in the title, a DDP made in Sequoia correctly opens and verifies in Wavelab but instantly crashes DDP player both on Mac and PC. Do the player is meant to work only with Wavelab made DDPs?

Using WaveLab 10.0.10?
It should work with any DDP that has one data file for the whole CD (and not one per audio track)

no WL opens the DDP flawlessly. The OEM DDP player (for clients) crashes when opening a DDP 2.0 made in Sequoia but opens DDP made in Wavelab.

I see. I forward your request to the concerned person.


any news?

Hey, we are working on a fix. We could reproduce the crash with a Sequoia DDP.
And yes, initially the Steinberg DDP Player was designed to open DDPs created with WaveLab only. This constraint will be removed.


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Thank you. I noticed the very same thing.

Interesting (I’d say, this ‘constraint’ has already been removed - v1.0.50 build85)

Anyway - forgive me for hi-jacking the thread a little; didn’t want to start a new one.

I recently got a DDP package sent to me, made with StudioOne 4.6. The Steinberg DDP Player v1.0.50 (Build 85) loads and plays the DDP tracks fine - and importantly, displays the metadata info for each correctly.

DDP’s made with WL 10.0.10 load and play fine, but they do NOT display all the associated metadata correctly. Namely, ‘Title’ and ‘Performer’ are blank. Is there a setting I might be missing in WL, before creating a DDP…? Can this be checked/confirmed by anyone please…?


PS:- Double-checking the whole procedure, with a ‘Generate CD Report’ in WL - I set all the dialog checkboxes to default. The ‘Title’ and ‘Performer’ fields are present in the resulting output. I’ve tried the other Factory presets choices there too. No joy. I just wondered whether this needs to be done, as some sort of separate operation, to ‘complete’ the DDP creation process somehow. But, I’m over-thinking it… :neutral_face:

Using the latest DDP Player version from Steinberg, and testing a DDP I made in WaveLab, the CD-Text appears just fine.

Are you sure you have these titles fully entered in the CD-Text area of WaveLab before the DDP is rendered?

OMG.!! Have I been THAT silly…?! Ok, so this is probably me just screwing up… :blush: :blush:

Thanks @JustinP - will check this out; got confused I guess, looking at the results from ‘Generating a CD Report’ - which includes those details… but obviously I’m reading that wrong there - and these are NOT CD-Text entry fields. Ho-hum…

More later… thanks again for your attention… :slight_smile:


[EDIT - SOLVED; This is a non-issue. It is down to user error…!!]

Bumping this - I experience the latest DDP Player crashing on both PC & Mac when opening a non-WL DDPi. Is this still going to be fixed?

Is this not the right forum to look for updates to the DDP Player? Will it still be fixed? No word since January…

Appears to be abandoned software. CD is not a dead format for us! I think I own 4 or more licenses for Wavelab so I’m discouraged by the bugs in DDP Player. We make CD masters all day every day and my sales staff receive DDP masters from clients and the sales team would like to check the masters before submitting to production. Steinberg DDP Player is still not usable.

Plus, when you consider the percentage of clients that need or want to hear and approve the DDP, a high percentage of those probably still want to burn a CD which the Steinberg DDP cannot do.

I think it was a nice try and is better than nothing, maybe good for the people that need a DDP Player a few times a year.

But if you are serious about sending out DDPs often for master approvals and/or CD production, I would just get HOFA DDP Player Maker and move on. It’s great because:

  1. There is no separate software for the client to download or install. It’s just embedded in the DDP folder

  2. You can have your studio logo appear when the player launches

  3. There are some security options

  4. Clients can burn a CD

  5. It’s affordable

  6. Very stable and updated somewhat often

You still make the DDP in WaveLab, you just use HOFA DDP Player Maker to create the embedded DDP Player with the options you prefer, and it zips it all up for you.

A simple email template with instructions for the client, with the actual download link to the DDP inserted and you’re good to go.

I do exactly the same.

This should probably be stickied to help avoid future grief and wasted man hours.

I have the same problem. DDP Player 1.0.50 (85) crashes when opening DDP folder.
I use the freeware cue2ddp tool to make DDPs and it works fine.
But it would be nice to have a free tool like DDP Player to check my masters.