DDP Player

I am trying to view my CD DDP files using the DDP Player 1.5 that came with WaveLab. I have an UR-824 audio device. But it seems that the Steinberg DDP player cannot set the Sample rate from 48 to 44.1. It is asking me to do it manually??? Why did I buy Steinberg hardware if this does not work out of the box? Sample rate is greyed out in the windows 10 driver, so I cannot use DDP right now.

Audio CD/DDP are always 44.1
if your audio device is set to 48 there has to be the sample rate
settings to change somewhere !? or try set 44.1 in other software
before using the DDP Player…

regards S-EH

Thank you for taking the time to respond.

Since I am an mastering engineer, I am well aware of what a CD is, thank you very much (; My question wasn’t related to the sample rate of DDP or CD images.

If you read my original post, you will also see that I cannot change the sample rate in my Windows 10 driver. That is the first point I was trying to make.

If you read my post carefully, you will also understand my second point: If I need to open another Steinberg software, just to get my sample rate on my UR 824 changed, then why does the DDP player (which is also Steinberg) not just automtically change the sample rate to begin with? The whole point of sending my clients a DDP player, is so that they DO NOT NEED third party software.

Why is that important? The DDP player is meant for clients who can check the CD image. I have Wavelab and Nuendo. I could get the sample rate on my device changed. But I don’t really need to check it myself, since I’m the one creating it the DDP image. The whole point of the DDP player is to make it easy for clients to open a DDP / CD image. If the Steinberg DDP Player in combination with a Steinberg / Yamaha audio device (UR824) isn’t capable of setting the correct sample rate, how the heck should my clients be able to do that?

Hope you get my two points now. If you have something reasonable to add please do.


If you mean the message that says "audio device sample rate not recommended " which comes up If it senses the default audio device is not set to 44.1, the other DDP players, Hofa and Sonoris, also have that message at start up, and cannot set the internal windows audio automatically either as far as I know. I have a Windows notebook that doesn’t offer 44.1 at all and maybe yours doesn’t as well.

FROM 2018:

I think maybe people have gotten used to the messages because they’ve been around for a long time, and for the most part they’re able to continue without problems anyway.

It’s a weird problem, the original windows src incompatibility distortion that prompted the messages. Only affecting DDP players as far as I can tell. Not WAV players like iTunes and Foobar.

Maybe Steinberg Support could elaborate on why things are as they are if you open a support ticket.

One thing they could add to the player is Support for ASIO like Hofa and Sonoris.

I don’t use the bundled DDP Player but, as if on cue,:

Thanks Paul, but that still includes the start up message, which will probably continue for the future.

I shouldn’t have included the in-line link to the old thread, because I didn’t mean to imply that something was still broken that could be “fixed” from Steinberg’s (or hofa or sonoris’) end.

Although support for asio probably should be added, because it’s not in the new version either.

I have the recent version DDP Player 1.5 installed, and as bob99 remarked, the start up message still appears … I understand that Steinberg might not be able to support sample rate auto-switching for every audio card driver out there. But Steinberg should at least support that feature for its own audio hardware drivers, I think that is not too much to ask.

Would be nice to see that in future updates. Either that, or give us the possibility to switch the sample rate in our Steinberg / Yamaha audio drivers (in my case Windows 10).

The DDP Player should be user friendly and should avoid confusing clients with messages & action items they don’t understand. If I need a zoom call to explain the DDP player requirements and remedies, I wont recommend it to my clients. If people don’t use the DDP player, then that may very well be the reason.

The DDP player doesn’t support the Steinberg UR22 ASIO either and it really should. The Hofa and Sonoris DDP players support Asio, and all other Steinberg products do as far as i know.