Ok, this is my last question for today =)

Just tested to create a DDP for the first time ever. I noticed five files where created. Are all those five files together called the DDP file?

When I send the ddp to the factory that shall press the cd’s, do I need to send all five files? SEE PIC

Thanks for all the info!

Yes. Some people call it a DDP file set as it’s technically one file. You’ll want to zip the DDP folder before uploading or transmitting it anywhere to make sure no files are lost or corrupted. It’s also not a bad idea to check the DDP in another app like HOFA or Sonoris DDP Player, or at the very least have WaveLab open the DDP and check that all is good with the audio and text.

I know it’s just a test but it also helps everybody involved if you name the DDP folder something unique like Artist_Album_DDP_V1. That is my naming scheme though I often have to abbreviate the artist and album titles so the name isn’t too large.

Thanks very much for the info. Really helpful!