(De)activating projects sets volumes to 100%

I’ve posted on the RME board but it’s also relevant here:

I’ve been rearranging my setup lately to try and isolate a glitching that seems system-wide. My usual setup is a MOTU Traveler combined with my Babyface as an Aggregate Device (in OSX Mavericks) and I’ve pared it down to just the Babyface to try and eliminate variables.

One thing I’ve noticed when using just the Babyface is that when I activate or close a Cubase project it resets my control room volumes to 100%. Obviously this is a big problem for those of us who keep our masters low - mine is generally around -40db so a pop up to full volume could damage my speakers and/or ears. Note that this doesn’t happen when using my Aggregate Device of both interfaces.

I’m using Cubase 7.5.10 (the latest version) and Babyface firmware 219/driver 1.94.

Does anybody have any thoughts on whether this is something that needs attention on the Cubase side or is there something that can be done on the Babyface side?

I’ve made sure that “Do not load main volume/balance” IS checked in Totalmix.

Any help or leads would be much appreciated!

Nevermind - solved by the RME board: