de-coupling midi regions

I used the alt key and drag to copy a midi region from one track to another. I planned on modifying the second instance of the region. When I edit the copied region however, the original region is edited as well. I thought renaming the second region would fix this, but everything I do to the copied region happens to the original. What do you do to get Cubase to treat these as separate files so that editing one doesn’t affect the other?

Thanks for any advice.

Convert To Real Copy.

Hi, thanks very much for your help. I’m still in a bit of a snag though. I see the “Convert to Real Copy” option the in the functions submenu of the Edit tab, but it’s greyed out. When I select the copy of the region, both are selected. I don’t seem to be able to select only one and apply actions to that one without effecting the other.

Doesn’t the original region de-select if you hold shift (or is it Ctrl) and then click it?

or u can use Ctrl+D to duplicate an event and drag it to other track. this way its a real copy already

Shift clicking, alt clicking, Ctrl clicking doesn’t decouple them. Thank you for your suggestions though. I have what I would think is a simple issue here. I’m really not getting why this is such an ordeal. A copied midi region needs to be turned into an independent region. This really shouldn’t be a a problem. When I click on the Region both the original and the copy are high lighted, and deleting one deletes both. Moving one moves both. Do I have to save this as a separate file and bring it in to the session as a separate file?

Aren’t they grouped?