Ok,I was watching the Kenny Gioia rock tutorial “learned alot”. Anyway, I noticed he was doing de-essing with the trim function in protools. I was trying it last night in Cubase6 and while I was able to do it I felt like I was missing something cause it was taking me forever. I was just curious if you guys could explain how you do it? Maybe I am doing this the hard way. I seem to always do :slight_smile: BTw, Cubase 6 is still ROCK solid. I have not had one single crash to date!!!

Are you just using the Cubase De-esser tool? (If not, you should be, it’s a lot easier)

Thanks for the reply. For me I like to do it manually because it sounds a bit better “to my ears”. BUT, maybe I need to take another look. I like being able to adjust each part myself… Unless You are talking about something else that I have not seen “which is HIGHLY possible :slight_smile:

Cut around offending bit, grab volume handle and reduce.

Hey split. That would be the best… I was doing it a different way. But, I knew there was a easy way I was overlooking!! Thanks again

where do I find this de-esser tool?

Hi Tom0Music -And here’s some more on a zillion ways to choose from!

Is the current de esser in cubase different from the original SPL one? I notice the controls are somewhat different.

Yes. It was upgraded a few updates ago (can’t remember which).


I sometimes de ess using the volume handles or automating the track fader but I often like to use eq by automating a high shelf cut. I think this sounds more natural than any of the other methods. I’ve never been totally satisfied with the vst de essers I’ve tried.


I like the Waves Renaissance DeEsser.

Oxford SuprEsser is excellent too