Big thanks to Joe Bush for drums on this track, and to Lenny Lee
for the bass.

Guitars are an Ibanez PM-100 I found in a great music shop in Osaka
in December 2016, and my c.1962 Ibanez lap steel that I found in a pawn shop in
Sydney in 1977. Some arpeggios on my Les Paul. Amp is a Tungsten Cortez.

Ah, there’s more great stuff in this album! You lined up a great rhythm section. Sounds to me you’re getting ever more comfortable mixing in the drums. I’d give the snare a bit more punch, but it’s down to your taste.

The guitars all sound great. The melody, when it comes in, which I assume is the PM-100, is in the center, and sounds a bit narrow? Suggesting maybe to make it sound wider (in the ways you already know how to do and I’m always trying to figure out).

The composition evokes a sea voyage; I love it.

One other small suggestion. The sound of the piano, drums, and bass in the beginning is something you might want to try to bring up again at the end? I just really like that little piano part there.

Nice track. I like the composition and the performance. I liked the bass sound at the start. I’ve primarily been a bassist throughout my gigging days, so that counts for a lot with me. Having gotten that nice sound, I would agree that you may want to boost it and the drums a bit once the tune gets going. The bass drum is good throughout, but it seemed to me that the bass part and rest of the drum kit got a little bit buried as the song progressed.
That’s a minor taste related issue, more than a hard and fast suggestion for improvement. The good composition and performance are big things, and you nailed both of those. Good work.

Leon, thanks for the listen and comments. I am happy you think the guitars sound ok.
And I am delighted you thought it evoked a voyage!
The album is done and dusted and already shipped to the collaborators so no changes
to this track now. After almost a year it was time to launch…pardon the pun.

Swetch, thanks for your feedback too. If you think the tune and playing are fine,
then that’s enough for me.

And again, that Tad Lowder guy has nabbed my tune and put it to a video
on YouTube. :wink:

Hi Jet, I went to your page to buy the album. Before I do that, I just want to confirm that the only way is to buy a CD (goes on my shelf until I throw it out after ripping it to my devices). I have my library on the computer these days, even if I’m sympathetic with the notion of a physical CD.

Leon, apologies, there is a download option there now.
I simply forgot to tick the box! Too excited obviously :wink:

OK, I got it. Just watched the video. This is quite a work, pleased to have it. Who is that guy who looks a lot like you but is just a little bit less handsome and older looking? Must be a brother? Everybody, you should buy this.

Leon, thanks for your support and I hope you enjoy the album.
It occupied a full 18 months of my life but it was an exciting project.

The guy in the black leather jacket? My big brother Mike.

I knew it! Hah! Pleased to meet you Mike, I was just joking that Jet was more handsome than you are. Let me know when your album comes out!

Now you’re just messing with us. :wink:

:smiling_imp: :laughing: