Deactivate/Activate all inserts Cubase 11

Hi folks, I wonder if anyone knows of a simple key command to do the above. I’m not talking about ‘disable’ I want to literally turn them on or off either on a channel or globally, just like you can do with disabling.
Any ideas would be appreciated.
Thanks in advance

there is no default key command assigned
in the mixer you can click on the indicator in the header of a rack to disable the rack for that channel

Hi and thanks for your comment. as already mentioned I don’t want to simply ‘disable’ but ‘turn off’ the plugins. In the header of the rack that you mentioned, if you press ‘Alt’ at the same time as the button, this is achieved, so it exists somewhere. I just want to know if anyone knows how to perhaps make a keyboard shortcut (or perhaps a macro) to do exactly these actions, because I can’t find it anywhere in the key commands, but it must be there if it exists surely?

turning a rack or plug-in off is the same as disable it…

I think you will find that it is not the same. Disabled (or bypassed) is still going through the plugins and latency is effected, whereas deactivated completely turns off the plugin and latency is restored. You can check this out yourself by adding a bunch of plugins on your master buss, then try to play a simple piano midi part with them on, disabled (or bypassed) and then Deactivate and see the difference.

Disable is not the same as bypass… disable is the same as turn it off… or deactivate…