Deactivate Cubase online on stolen computer?

I had a computer stolen recently with Cubase 12 installed and active. I deactivated it from mysteinberg online. Will this keep the thief from using Cubase or will it automatically reactivate when opened?

More important than a thief using Cubase: have you changed your passwords? If not, that is the first thing that you should do (and I mean all passwords, not only the Steinberg ones). If you don’t do that, the thief could definitely reactivate the license with the Activation Manager, but I assume as Cubase does not “phone home”, the license is valid on that computer anyway.

All passwords have been changed. That was first.

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If they do any form of system modification the SAM may ask for them to reactivate C12 and if they can’t gain access to the SAM then it’s deactivated

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And, if they run the Activation Manager the license with be deleted from the computer since SAM is not logged in.

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So really, as long as you put in place things like the two step varication on your Account then the new system is pretty safe