Deactivate effect when muting


is there a way to deactivate the effect in an instrument track when simply muting? And the same with included instrument inserts.

That would be great to reduce mouse clicks to deactivate many instrument tracks at the same time, when freeing up CPU and RAM. (After a bounce to audiofile)

Explained in the two pictures below.

Maybe a future request?

Aloha S,

I like your idea.

Maybe a future request?


Would need a recalculation of the plugin delay compensation for the whole sinal path whenever a track is muted - No, thanks…

What if you had a pre-mute send and you still wanted that to play?

Just turn the volume on that channel down instead of muting then?

Then I have to remember or write down where it was. If I have volume automation written, I have to turn off the automation read. I think Thinkingcap hit it on the head though when he mentioned the latency calculation changing. That would cause a glitch in the playback (which I am sure is why you can’t automate the activate/deactivate control). That would mean automation of mute is now useless. Personally, I use mute and solo quite a bit while sorting out the EQ and compression. I don’t use deactivate much at all. I do freeze tracks, which will unload the instrument if you check the option and deactivates the channel inserts automatically anyway.

I am in the camp of having the mute button mute the channel and having the deactivate button deactivate. We could come up with an endless number of “scenarios” where Cubase could try to predict what the user wants or what is best and does things automatically. I am reminded of the nightmares I have whenever I have to format a Word document with paragraph indentations, numbering, lettering, bullets, hanging indentations, etc. and at those times I always wish it would stop thinking it knows what I wanted. Anybody remember, WYSIWYG?

Ok I think you have missunderstand why I wanted to deactivate the channel when muting in the first place.

I only want to do that when I am completely done with the instrument track (or whatever it is) and have done a bounde to audio and use the audiofile instead of the instrument track. And to be able to go back to the instrument track if I need to edit something. (This is when I have like 30 instrument tracks that I have bounced down, and then want to deactivate all the instrument tracks, which take really long)

Maybe it´s not a good idea to have the channel deactivated when muting (or the option to), but maybe a NEW button on the tracks that you can deactivate it on then… :stuck_out_tongue:

I have actually started using Logic pro now instead because I´m on mac, and cubase have some serious performance issues for me :S:S:S… In logic I don´t even have to think about this since everything just runs perfectly, don´t need to bounce or deactivate anything.

Quite dissapointed about this with cubase 7 :frowning:

Maybe it will run better for mac users in the future? I hope so because this is not acceptable, far from.