Deactivate Plugins for Dorico

I would like to deactivate some plugins for Dorico, because oftentimes I don’t have my ilok with me.
Is there an option for that?

Best regrads

There is nothing built-in to deliberately do that, but there are more or less convenient workarounds, depending if they are VST2 or VST3 plug-ins.

VST2 plug-in have no defined installation path, so they could live anywhere on your disk. But you then need to tell Dorico the path to them.
So you could move the ilok protected plug-ins out to a special directory and in case you want to use them, specify in the Dorico-Preferences under the Play tab the VST2 path.

VST3 plugs are more difficult, because they live in predefined locations that the applications are scanning. So here you would need to move the .vst3 files in and out of those predefined folders, which is more of a hassle, and you have to be more careful.