Deactivated soft elicenser expired

Hello there,

Last year (october 2015) I purchased Focusrite Scarlett solo studio pack and at that time I couldn’t install cubase elements 8 because I had windows 7starter. Last week I updated my laptop to windows 10 and I thought that I could now install it. I followed the steps that were given but after I entered my activation code I couldn’t download cubase elements 8.

On screen it said:
This limited license has been disabled, because its validity could not be verified. Please click the ‘Validate License Usage Periods’’ button to verify the usage periods of all available licenses.
The expiration date was 2015-11-22.

When I wanted to click the Validate License Usage Periods button, it didn’t work because it’s grey and you couldn’t click on it.

So I would like to figure this out so I can finally use my Scarlett studio pack to make some music after 1 year!

I would be so grateful for any help!