Deactivating flows/exporting particular flows (for printing)


  1. I have a project with 2 flows
  2. I want to print them separately (which Dorico doesn’t allow…yet)
  3. If I deactivate a flow or if I export a flow, I’m ending up with a leftover Master Page at the end of the work. I’m assuming this is something to do with the Master Page change that was there when both flows were active.
  4. This happens whether I delete the first or second flow.
  5. Currently, to print, I need to go through each part and remove the Master Page to make the Layouts suitable for printing.

A) Are there any steps I can take so that I can literally just export/deactivate a flow and click “print” - without having to go through and delete empty pages at the end of each part?

B) Can flows in a project automatically have a Master Page change at the beginning - without having to manually put a Master Page Change?

(N.B. I’d prefer to just deactivate a flow so that I can reactivate and edit later if needed)

You can have any number of layouts, so you could add two more layouts: one for each flow.

Additionally, what was your master page change – in case it’s something that could be solved by e.g. changing this layout option.

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You beautiful woman!

This appears to do everything I need:

  1. Auto set flow beginning on new page
  2. Auto “First Page” at beginning of the new page in a flow
  3. Therefore, I can activate/deactivate flows as I see fit and I won’t need to override anything
    (And, you helped a few topics ago about using @flowpage@ so I don’t need page number changes either)

Thanks so much for the speedy reply.

Just a gentle note to say that Steinbergers are here in a professional capacity and if you’d like to complement them, then please focus on their abilities and not their appearance. :wink:


Sorry Lillie, sorry everyone.

It was a bad choice of words. I should have considered that it might have been inappropriate - I certainly didn’t mean it to be. Please forgive me.


No worries at all. We all get excited about Dorico, that’s why we’re here!

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I just assume that Steinberg is like Lake Wobegon…
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Ok, last question about turning flows on/off.

It worked perfectly the other day but this was (coincidently) on layouts that didn’t have manual staff spacing changes.

It seems that if I turn a flow off with staff spacing changes, all the pages reset to default spacings.

Can I avoid this?.

Staff spacing changes are, as a general rule, locked to specific pages – so if the page number changes, the override is lost. So as much as possible, leave moving individual staves until you’re finished casting off (=sorting out what music appears in what system/page).

If you’re moving lots of staves, it could be that adjusting your per-layout vertical spacing settings will get you closer to what you want without manual intervention. See here or watch this video:

Thanks Lillie - I was expecting as much.

Do you think it would be a crazy hard feature to add to Engraving or Layout Options? i.e. freeze staff spacing to particular pages of a flow?

As far as I can tell, this would create the perfect workaround for users wishing to be able to export separate flows. I may have missed something, of course.

If it were simple I’d hazard a guess my colleagues would have made it so already I’m afraid :wink:

For situations where you know you want to export separate flows, having a layout for each flow is probably the best method for now. It gives you total control of the final output of that flow, independently of others.

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