Deactivating Rack Intruments

Hey Guys,

I’m building a large orchestral template using multiple instances of Vienna Ensemble and Kontakt on the Instrument Rack. I want to save loading time by deactivating the instruments on the rack. However the activate/deactivate button doesn’t seem to do much… It just mutes the instrument. I tried freezing but it doesnt work unless there’s data on the track. Is there a way to unload these instruments and turn on as needed to save CPU?


You can switch it Off in the plug-in window. The switcher in the Rack is just a Bypass.

Could you describe your expected workflow, please? How it should be faster?

For me, the fastest way is to put all VSTis to Vienna Ensemble Pro, and use this as a template. Then, I’m just sending MIDI data and changing “MIDI files” (they are normal CPR files, but contains mainly MIDI).