Deactivating shortcuts when virtual keyboard is opened?

I set “r” as a shortcut for recording. When I open the virtual keyboard this shortcut is still active, so I can’t play a note with that key. Is there a way to deactivate shortcuts when using the virtual keyboard?


The only way is to hide the On-screen Keyboard.

With “hide” you mean to close it?
This means I can‘t set the shortcut “r” for record when I want to use the on-screen-keyboard?
Edit: Another thing that I don’t understand yet: Why does the on-screen-keyboard filter all those other shortcuts on keys that are not even used for the on-screen keyboard?


The only thing to do is to change the keystroke assignment for the Record command to a keystroke that’s not on the onscreen keyboard. (I use F15)

Because they are used when the screen is in its piano keyboard mode

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