"Dead Channels?"

Is anybody else having a problem with “Dead Channels?”

Definition of “Dead Channel” - A channel that looks fine and shows all the signs of functioning normally but will NOT PLAY THE AUDIO FILE. It will record data but it will not play it back. The only solution is to generate a new channel and move the file to it for playback. This is a HUGE waste of time.

I keep running into this issue. I’ve had to rebuild my templates over dozens of times and they keep popping up! :angry: This issue showed up with version 7 and has been a “thorn in my side” ever since! Has anybody else noticed this?

Yes I have noticed that and I have not been able to pin down the cause or a Repro. For a while during the Nuendo 7 and 8 era it happened fairly frequently.

I will have to say that I have not seen it thus far in Nuendo 10. I hadn’t really thought about that until I saw your post and realized I have not dealt with the issue in a good while.

One thing I noticed is both of us are using RME Hardware. I would like to know if this problem presents with people using other Hardware.

I have seen this behavior and, curiously, we use RME hardware. I have another system with a Steinberg interface and I don’t think I’ve experienced the dead channel on that interface. john

I have had this issue for a couple of times, and no RME in my system.

I wonder what’s causing this. I had to replace 11 tracks in today’s session! All of them worked previously on the last project. Today EVERYTHING was suspect! What’s the point in making a template if you can’t depend on it?

This is so annoying! :angry:

Did you import an OMF?
Have seen that after importing OMF/AAF from Fairlight/Premiere


No. It keeps happening from my templates. Obviously, if the track were “Dead” in the template, then that would explain its re-occurrence. But when I discovered the faulty tracks, I replaced them with functioning tracks and saved them as a NEW template. So now, I should be good. But they keep popping up. So I started a complete new template from scratch (Empty Project > Added TESTED FUNCTIONING TRACKS > Saved as new template). For about 2 or 3 projects, no problem. Then, out of the blue, they started showing up again. :cry:

I never import omf. Everything I do is from scratch or a template I created from scratch. That said, I haven’t seen it in a while I don’t think at all since I upgraded to 10. Strange.