Dead Men Walking - A Journey In Space

Hello everyone, my friend Dead Men Walking just released a new song made with myself, it’s kind of an ambient/electronic rock track, I’d like to know what you guys think of it! See you around !

quite a good effort ,i would have chopped the intro down by half cause it doesnt seem to build, it just stays on the same level,in the intro i like the C note when it sustains it sounds as if its going to feedback ,what is that sound or effect . then in the second part of the tune i thought it could have done with some strong melody`s through out or maybe a vocal ,the main soundscape and groove are good though and i like the guitar, it sounded almost like Gilmour ,also has a U2 kinda feel to the tune which i like.

First 30 seconds are :slight_smile: very nice…but then it just meanders around not going anywhere in particular until the end… you need to spend more time with it so it sounds like a finished piece of work…there is a lot of this ambient stuff going around and the main thing people seem to forget about is that it should have a tune… :slight_smile:

it’s worth having a go to make it more interesting because it’s a very good foundation for something…I don’t mean to be hard but to stand out from the crowd (and ambient music is a big crowd) it’s gotta have that “je ne sais quoi”

best, Kevin :slight_smile:

you said see you around…lets see if we do… :slight_smile:

Maybe the first part is a little bit too long indeed, but as I am not the original composer, I couldn’t do that…

@Polgara: I don’t really see what you’re talking about, you mean the piano? The song is just a classical piano with a little bit of reverb, some delay and compression. For the intro, you’re absolutely right, Gilmour being one of my most appreciated artists, I have a little bit his tune, and I add delay especially to sound a little bit like The Edge of U2.

@shadowfax: I didn’t play the piano but my friend who did it saw it alittle bit like a piano solo, so it’s the essence of the ambient first part, as he wanted to. And what do you mean by “a tune”? (I’m sorry, I’m french so I don’t know everything about english :confused: )
And I think this music is already rich in sound, no? If I put that “je ne sais quoi” in this music, it might be a little bit too rich in sounds?

I’m sorry but if you don’t know what i mean by “a tune” i cannot help you any further… :slight_smile:


I agree with the others; nice combination of ambient sounds but overall it does just meander around a bit too much. It’s not that far on the ambient scale that there is no room for a motif, tune, melody or hook. I think spending some time developing the melodic/motif side and being concise about it would improve the track a lot. Doesn’t even need to be anything complex, just a little motif/hook that the listener can become attached to.

As you said, you aren’t the composer/performer, though you are the one presenting the piece to be critiqued so the piece is open to critique from any and every perspective. I’m just getting into learning more mixing techniques myself so I’m afraid my ears aren’t quite attuned enough to be of much use in that respect/area.

I like the combination of sounds, but there was nothing really to draw me into the sounds/music since it just meanders around random and/or improvised notes, which works sometimes, but overall not really digging it. (Actually had the word meander in my head before I read Kevin’s post. ;p )

Best, J.