Dealing with Focus issues

Since many key commands are now “focus-dependent” I’d like to figure out how to change focus using the keyboard rather than the mouse. But I’ve not been able to get anything to work. Specifically, I’d like to be able to switch between the arrange page and the mix console.

I’m forever hitting non-working key commands because of lost focus. I real work-flow killer.

Anybody have any ideas?



F3 opens and closes the mixer. It does give focus to the mixer. But I have a multi-screen setup in my studio and prefer to not have to blink the mixer off and on. Now that you mention that, I do recall reading about the “F3” workaround.

Pretty kludgy. I’d just prefer to hit “tab” and change focus between the arrange page and the mixer. Or better yet, just have key commands work globally with focus no longer being an issue.

The whole idea of a key command is to get away from the mouse. But changing focus without a strobe-lite affair requires using the mouse. Counterproductive.


Window focus is a problem on Mac too, now more so. I use Quickeys or Keyboard Maestro to add commands I want.

It would be better if key commands worked globally, especially since there are no conflicts possible (as there would be in an app like Digital Performer where key commands depend on the context they are used in.)

2 key commands should help.

Any time you are somewhere else and you want to get back to the project page…at this point still the “home” even though Steinberg is pushing the mixer… :mrgreen:

Go to key commands:

1.Project>bring to front

The other one isn’t a key command.

  1. ctr & tab.

Control and tab will move you back or forwards to the next open window. For example go from project to mixer to drum edit to key editor.

No luck with this suggestion. Maybe I’m doing something wrong but I don’t think so. Again, I’m wanting to change focus between the arrange page and the mix console. That’s all. Is anyone able to do this via this approach?


This is a cool little app that I’ve worked with as well. It looks like it can be a life-saver for single-screen setups. But when the Mix Console is placed in the “always on top” position and dragged to a second screen, there’s no way to navigate to it via a keyboard combination (even with Cubics Blender).

So… I’ve got to use a mouse to change focus. Bummer.


yes it is a good little program but im afraid its one thing that slows c7 right down having to change the focus every time from the project page to the mixer in other words it’s like running two programs in one , im sure there is no work around so if you want to use c7 then more mouse clicks it is :frowning: :confused:

CTRL + TAB works to change focus between the Arrange page and Mix Console if they are the ONLY two windows open.
If I have a plugin open, I cannot get it to focus on the Mix Console. It only switches focus between the arrange page and the open plugin.

Has this been added to the Cubase7 Feature Request forum? Key commands to change focus?
I added this to the Nuendo FR fourum, but did not know if anyone already did it for Cubase.

In this scenario, do you have the mix console set as “always on top” and on a separate screen? I can get this to work in a single-window setup. But once “always on top” is checked for the mixer and I drag it to a 2nd screen, nothing works except the mouse.


I have the mixer on a second monitor, always on top is NOT activated.

First of all when you say “arrange page” do you mean the project page?

CTRL+TAB should be able to change focus on stuff that isn’t set to “always on top.”

As long as you have unchecked “always on top” you should be able to set focus to mixers, VSTI’s, insert effects, drum, list and key editors…etc. At least this works for me.

If you have checked “always on top” it will not change. Everyone’s set-up is a bit different. I use 3 monitors with what I call the “Cubase shell” open on all 3.

And for my normal rant…THIS is stuff I think a lot of users would benefit from. Workflow! Not new VSTI’s new effects, or an improved Loop Mash. Unfortunately Steinberg is too busy fixing bugs they created with new features such as a mix console, attempting to seduce new users, while believing long time users will be unpaid beta testers and accept being ignored. So far, for the past 15 years this business strategy has worked! :laughing:

Yes I mean project page.


Focus issues and navigation of Cubase seems to be a big issue that IMO is not very well explained…at least in the manual. I would guess part of the problem is people work in different ways, and some people have 1 screen while others are using Cubase on 4 monitors.

Anyway as long as you uncheck “always on top” I think it should work with Ctrl+Tab, and cycle through all your open windows.

And also the key command go to Project and seclect Bring to Front.

The only other focus key command I know of is a key command for navigation within your focus, but I don’t find that really useful for myself.

I wish someone would make a Youtube video of this stuff. It’s much easier to demonstrate than describe.