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Hi, does anyone know if Steinberg will do any black friday promotions for Wavelab. I’m looking to upgrade but I’m waiting for prices to drop a bit.

I think it’s unlikely there will be a sale for a product that has only just undergone a major version upgrade. Indeed, I am not sure we’ll see anything much from Steinberg for Black Friday - it’s not a traditional time for them to offer huge deals.

Cubase is in the grace period for version 12, so there won’t be a Cubase offer. The same might also be true for Nuendo, though the Nuendo grace period has yet to be announced by Steinberg. Dorico 4 is slated to be the next major release from Steinberg and is already in a grace period, so there will be no sale there. An Absolute deal is a possibility, as Absolute 5 merely added Backbone and some content sets to Absolute - it seems there will be a new version of HALion in the next year or so, which will probably mean Absolute 6 being released.

Deals on instruments and content sets seem to be the most likely for Black Friday 2021. There might also be a deal on Spectralayers, though Spectralayers 8 is still a fairly recent release.

If you want WaveLab 11, I think you are likely stuck with paying full price to upgrade in the next few months.

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Que pena, o preço está bastante alto dado a crise global que estamos passando. Vou não permanecer no Wavelab Elements + Izotope, gostaria de usar somente uma ferramenta, mas com esse preço não vai dar. Mas vamos torcer para que eles façam algo nesse sentido!