Dear Dorico team

Thank you for this new update. It is a beautiful work of engineering and of art. I’m truly impressed at what Dorico is becoming. Bravo! Kudos! Chapeau, chapeau!

Now a question. I’ve inserted the segno and D.S. and D.C. signs that I’ve been needing for a new score. And they play back beautifully. But I can’t imagine a sight-reading musician being able to spot such little marks easily. In Engraving Options --> Repeat Marks --> Design I’ve scaled them up to 175% which looks about right for me. So (the question) does the venerable Mme Gould really recommend such undersize segno and coda marks, and don’t you think your default setting should be a bit larger?

Also, I can’t see any repeat text (D.S. etc) options in the Engraving Options --> Repeat Marks. Is the the Shift-X text box the only way to increase the size of repeat texts?

Thanks again for your wonderful work.

You can change the size of the repeat marker text by editing the dedicated paragraph styles in Engrave > Paragraph Styles.

We decided to make the segno and coda signs the same size as the text so that they look nice when shown in line with text, but we provided options so that you can change them to your heart’s content.

Thank you, Daniel.

When I make the Coda symbol large enough to be obvious in the repeats section, the “Coda” literal is too large. To fix this, I have to replace the text in the parameters with Custom Text of a single blank and then put in smaller system text with “Coda”. Obviously less of a problem for segno sign, since that is seldom used with associated text.

Is there an easier way?

I feel this is a bit like large time signatures. Clarity should have higher billing than beauty, IMVHO…

Sorry, could you be a bit more explicit? Perhaps you could attach a picture of your preferred appearance so I can see the relative scale factors in each situation?

OK, potentially ignore what is below. I have this strange behaviour on my computer but downloading the attachment does not reproduce it. Side by side comparison is producing different results. Very confused…

Thanks, Daniel.

Hmm… Trying to get an example and I’ve hit some strange behaviour. Please open the attached test file in 2.2.

Note that:
Engrave > Paragraph Styles, Repeat Marker Sections has parent of Default Text and is set to be 16pt
Engrave > Paragraph Styles, Repeat Marker Text has parent of Repeat Marker Sections inheriting 16pt

Note that the Coda in bar 17 has text smaller than 16pt (see other text for comparison)
Double click the “Coda” text in bar 17
Popover appears
Press return
Text changes to the values set in Engrave > Paragraph Styles, i.e. 16pt
Coda text is still selected and is blue
Click elsewhere to deselect the coda text
It now reverts to its smaller size

Am I misunderstanding how this works? I expected it to be 16pt…

Thank you!
Odd (473 KB)

There is indeed a little bug here: changes made to the size etc. of the ‘Repeat Marker Sections’ and ‘Repeat Marker Jumps’ paragraph styles are not immediately reflected in the repeat markers in the score, and they only update when the layout is regenerated, e.g. when you save, close and reopen the project. We’ll make sure this gets fixed.