Dear Steinberg, People need keyboard shortcuts!

Please add keyboard shortcuts!
I read the forum. I see that since 2012, people have been asking about support for “keyboard shortcut” (Magic or Smart Keyboard by Apple or any BT Keyboard). 7 years Steinberg can not add keyboard support? :question: Are you serious? Give people what they want! Make their work easier! Make them happy! :wink:

Hi oZo,

Thank you for your message.

Cubasis has a fairly huge user base and we receive many feature request and bug reports per day (which are added to our tracking system).

Since it’s initial release end of 2012, Cubasis has seen 30+ regular updates (all free of charge for existing customers), where we’ve added many new features and resolved many issues.

We take customer requests and support seriously and of course would wish being able to fulfil all requests at once.
Lying in the nature of things and given Cubasis is developed by a very small team, this will never be possible unfortunately.

While we’ve already addressed many user-requested topics, there are more to come.

Hope that helps to understand the situation.

Best wishes,