decent control map for Roland A 300Pro to control Cubase 5


I just purchased a Roland A 300Pro midi controler. The suplied 3 controlermaps work, but maybe it can do more, and more easy. Has anybody this controller and wrote a map for it? If not, I will try to make a new one, more decent.

Thanx in advance!!!

Hello everybody.
I create a Roland A 300 pro mapfile for cubase 6.5 , if there is someone who need this map file or maybe want to ask anything about how to mapping roland a-300 pro in cubase 6.5, don’t hesitate to contact me by email:


Hi Fajar Ahadi. I’m trying to send you an e-mail, but it’s not working.
I need the map.
Could you send me please?


Hi milena, when did you send me an email? Maybe my account took it as a spam.
Can i have your email? I’ll send it to you.