Decklink studio 4K issue

Hey guys,

I’m about to order a Decklink studio 4K card…(well…considering this for 2 week now)… but because of reviews I saw, had me hold back untill now.

Does NOT support Digital Cinema
BUYER BEWARE! Contrary to BMD published specs, card does NOT output true Digital Cinema (DCI) 2K format resolutions. True DCI 2K “Flat” is 1998x1080; “Scope” is 2048x858. This card does not output either resolution.
No, I would not recommend this to a friend

UHD not working over HDMI
This was the second BMD DeckLink card I’ve purchased and the second time I am sorry for not returning it. I could not get this card to lock sync with UHD output over HDMI. Eventually I figured out a ritual that would cause it to sync, but only in Media Express and only with 24fps content, and only after several reboots and waiting up to an hour. Once in sync for UHD, the card would not sync correctly for HD output again until power-cycled.

BMD support did respond timely and professionally to emails so the one star for them, but they weren’t helpful in resolving the problem. I had the card in one of only 4 models of PC BMD list as supported (HP Z820). Tech support’s suggestions were to try the card in different slots (which didn’t make any difference) and try to capture UHD (which failed). I asked a couple of times if they were able reproduce the problem on their end and they finally admitted that they had no way to test the HDMI output. With the first DeckLink I had a similar problem. BMD were advertising a feature (Linux support) that they finally admitted they hadn’t tested and couldn’t test. This product line clearly needs better QA.

Any contribution will be appreciated. Thanks

I thought you only needed to play 4K content on your audio machine (as per other thread.) Why would you want to buy a 4K capture card? Incidentally, yeah, that product doesn’t have a good reputation at all. If you want serious 4K capture, I’m afraid it will cost you thousands. But, again, it doesn’t look like you need that kind of device.

No…as for now, I don’t think I’ll need capture. (maybe occasionally, but then I think it’ll be 1080)
It’s just that on the current running old machine (since 2009), I have an MSI dualhead hooked up to 2x Benq 24" mon’s and an Intensity Pro card to the 42 inch in the controlroom for full screen and the analogout to the studio.
(as I remember now, I had problems with getting fullscreen and some on the forum advised to get the Intensity Pro)
So I thought I do need such a card, but with 4K playback capabillity.

just an FYI, you really need to take what you read with a grain of salt…

The Blackmagic will output the resolution based on the application. If the application doesn’t support the resolution or the monitor doesn’t then the Blackmagic card wont.

The 4K cards that were available until this new Extreme 12G did not support UHD at 60 frame. That is not supported by HDMI 1.4. HDMi 1.4 only supports 4K at 30 or 24 frame. The new Blackmagic 4K Extreme 12G supports the new HDMi 2.0 standard and therefore 4K 60 frame. The UHD monitor or tv has to support the frame rates ie standard as well and that is more of a crap shoot.

we sell BM, Avid, Bluefish (talk about stupid expensive), AJA

99% we recommend BM. AJA is needed at times.

Thanks Scott.
I definitally needed this input, because a lot of info online brings forth confusion sometimes.