OK, maybe this isn’t strictly WL, but the most often ‘process’ I need is a transparent de-clipper. The one in SL7 is OK, but it often puts sort of a ‘blanket’ over the sound.

I have RX7 and that’s -OK-., but that too often creates the odd ‘ring modulator’ side-effects.

Any other suggestions?

I don’t like declippers. I find I’m better off using targeted denoising and EQ.

This is the best tool for un-brickwalling a mix if needed:

Designed for FM broadcast so they can “un-master” songs before going through the FM processing, it also works well if you need to master something that is already brick-walled and you can’t get a better source.

RX De-Clip is find for spot fixing actual distortion from clipping but Stereo Tool does something magical to brick walled and heavily peak-limited mix files.

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I was unaware of this… and have been wishing for something of this nature for a long time. Looking forward to checking it out when I get home from wherever I am… :wink:


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It’s honestly the only thing like it that I have found. I know we shouldn’t judge audio by how it looks but just as a quick example, it can take a brick-walled mix and make it look like an un-limited file with all the peaks and transients resorted…and it basically sounds that way too.

It’s something I only use a few times per year but when needed, it’s amazing. It’s a little strange to use, at least on Mac. I tend to use the VST version in RX “Plugin Module” and do all the work offline before getting started. It’s pretty CPU intense and doesn’t seem to like being run live in any DAW.

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I often get files from numbskull narrator home recorders who have not paid attention to the spec sheet and have compressed, limited and EQd their files into pathetic lodgepoles. I can generally goose the sound into the neighborhood of sonically passable, but, believe it or not, the visual often has an effect on the QC folks, leading to a back and forth that always resolves with “ok” after a bunch of wasted time and annoying redundant explanation. If this thing can make a waveform look “unsmashed,” that’s a win that would be enough even if it did nothing else!!