Decoding mp4 Audio Files

Hello Forum -

Any suggestions for opening a mp4 audio file?

  • The mp4 file is recognized by WL9 but when trying to open it, the response indicates “cannot find a suitable decoder”.
  • I opened and played back this mp4 audio file in WinAmp and QuickTime.
  • My thinking is this is a case of ‘operator error’ and would appreciate any helpful tips.

BTW - I could easily convert the file to wav but for other reasons I prefer to open the file as an mp4 to analyze the audio characteristics.

Thanks for any ideas -

Try changing the extension to .alac

Hi Philippe -

Thanks for the reply -

Changing the extension from mp4 to alac did cause WL to open the file but the playback was just noise; the loud, screeching kind of noise.

This file is new, I purchased and downloaded today.

I checked the file with MediaInfo and it is ‘normal’ w.r.t. sampling rate 44.1; bitrate 254; format AAC; format profile LC

Opening the mp4/AAC file isn’t mission critical here. Like said above, this is probably due to ‘operator error’ and nothing to do w/WaveLab. If QuickTime plays it w/o problems, same with WinAmp, I thought this would be a no-brainer in WL.

But thank you anyway for the speedi response!

What audio codec does MediaInfo say is used?