Decreasing volume envelope of selection by shortcut - is this possible in WaveLab?

My workflow in Reaper or Acon Acoustica is very simple. I remove selected part of the clip with W-shortcut or make it quiter (-6dB) with Q (especially to suppress breaths). I did the same in WaveLab (Pro or Elements), but only in Audio Editor. Unfortunately it’s impossible to decrease volume envelope by shortcut in Audio Montage - if I’m not wrong. We have there only ducking, raising the volume or muting, right?

How can I decrease (6dB) the volume envelope of selection with shortcut in WaveLab? Is it really impossible in that advanced editor? :open_mouth:

in wavelab 11 pro you use the nudge tools to do it :+1: but you need to change the “target” to “volume of active clip”
I normally press the +/-1 or +/-10 a few times till I get where I need, and I’ve mapped them to keyboard shortcuts near to where my hands land.
the only slight pain is you need to split off the section you are trying to adjust but it doesn’t appear to cause any issue (for me anyway)

@PG is there anyway for a user customise the level to a specific amount on a nudge button for volume?

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No, there is none.
But this procedure is quick I believe:


Thanks, PG1, but the main goal is to use the keyboard shortcut: it’s quicker and every time I get the same attenuation. I have my left hand on Q and W keys, right hand on the mouse only selects the range, left hand - removes or attenuates selection. That’s the point…

I will add this to the feature request list.


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I see in Cast 2 the decreasing volume envelope in Audio Montage mode! Shortcuts are available, so this is something I dreamed of :slight_smile:
Thank you, Philippe!
PS. I’ve already prepare some review and small tutorial for Polish podcasters :smiley:

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