Dedicated 64 bit version

I have just downloaded the Wavelab 7 trial, but noticed it installed into the x86 folder.
Is there a dedicated 64 bit version of Wavelab 7 or Wavelab Essentials 7?
I realize they run on 64bit but was surprised that there wasn’t an option to install the 64 bit version as with Cubase & HAlion.

There is a 64 bit version, but maybe it’s not available as demo. The feature set is the same.

Hi Philippe,
Thanks for the info.
Do you know if there is a 64 Bit version of Wavelab Essentials 7.
And if so how do you get a copy, as I have a Wavelab 7 license, but was never given an option of 64 Bit.

There is a WaveLab Essential 64 bit version.
But since you have WaveLab 7, why do you want WaveLab Essential?

Hi Philippe,
Firstly, sorry I made a mistake I actually have WaveLab Elements 7 not “essentials”.

Well, I installed WaveLab Elements 7 from the DVD, when I purchased HAlion 4. Then I recieved an email from Steinberg offering me the option to buy a licence & download the activation key, which I did and have been happy enough with it.
Today, I began setting up my new Win 64 bit system, and of course I have no WaveLab Elements 7 DVD (only the trial content from HAlion DVD,s).
When it began to install in Program Files (x86) I went searching Steinberg for a 64Bit version but couldn’t find one. So from My Steinberg I downloaded the Wavelab 7 trial to see if it was 64bit but it wasn’t.
So I actually want to install my WaveLab Elements 7 but preferably a 64bit version if one is available.
Do you know if I can now get a WaveLab Elements 7, 64bit installer?

You should ask Steinberg support.

Yes, I’ve lodged a request.

I’m fairly sure if you download and install the latest update, selecting only the 64-bit version, you’ll have the full product; worth a try anyway!

Thanks for the reply. Yes, I just recieved a reply from Steinberg Support, which confirms what you suggested.
Once you run the patch it installs the 64 bit version.
Thanks for your help.