Dedicated Input, Output, Dry/Wet and Auto Gain Compensation dials per Insert slot

It would be really handy to have dedicated Input and Output controls along with a dedicated dry/wet mix knob and an automatic gain compensation mode (which can be toggled on or off) for each insert slot. Scince not all plugins do offer those functions (which is kind of sad in 2024), to have it from Cubase’ side for each insert would be a huge benefit.

You could end up with redundancy issues then though. For example what happens when you put it at 90% dry in cubase, but 90% wet in the plug in? It opens the door for some very easily confused users, and plug ins not behaving as you’d expect.

Having a “gain” plugin would be nice though, that you could drop in between inserts to re-adjust the levels if the plug in has not good enough output or input controls … however I just stick a basic EQ in the middle and use that as a gain knob currently, which is almost the same (bar a tiny tiny bit of processing power possibly).

auto gain compensation I’m not sure would work, as besides the fact of it already actually being pretty hard for plug in creators to implement well, it kind of depends on what the plug in is actually doing as to how you would implement it. It’s not as simple as looking at the current signal level and adjusting a knob in time, as you’d have wildly erratic volume changes. You’d need some kind of averaging and would need to understand how the plug in is reducing or adding volume to compensate correctly, and having Cubase as a vst host with a million and one possible plug ins that it can host, would make it extremely difficult to implement I think.

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I persnonally don’t See any issue with a dry/wet control in the Insert slot. There are already DAWs out there, that have this Feature implemented and People like to work with it. I think it will be more benefical than distracting.

The auto Gain compensation is kind of a tricky thing, for the reasons you already mentioned. But if we stop to try out Things when they get tricky, we didn’t have Software like spectralayers or melodyne, that are capable of imoressive Things.

I think that in the future, it is the DAWs that have worflow improvements of good value and great stability of the system that sets itself appart from the other competitors. Featurewise most Big DAWs are on par with each other.
And I hope Cubase will stay at the top of those DAWs as I really like the Software and its functions :wink:

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Oh for sure. I totally agree with that. If there was an option to show/hide the wet dry feature then it would be tucked out the way for those who want it and it wouldn’t confuse anyone not expecting to have two of them controls on both the plug in and the Daw. And don’t get me wrong, I’d love it if they added auto gain compensate … I just know why they haven’t already (getting it to reliably work with an infinite amount of unknown plug ins would mean high % chance for functional issues and an endless list of bug reports for conflicts - and they would most likely need to be solved individually on a per plugin basis). They are already having fun with the cubase 13 bug list. :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

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