Dedicated repeat button on the toolbar above the on screen keyboard

Using the iPad more and more, I miss a dedicated repeat button. With my keyboard attached, I can just type R. I’d like that as a button, for example next to the space and backspace buttons above the on screen keyboard.

(I really hope I missed it, but haven’t found it in the app, release notes and by Googling, but this can be just me).

There’s a repeat button, it’s just in the secondary toolbar rather than in the lower zone – it’s next to other copy/paste operation-type buttons.


OMG! Haha! Wow, thanks! So sorry!

No worries! Better to ask and get it sorted if you’re not sure :slight_smile:


I missed it as well, don’t know how!

I’m always glad to learn these things, even though I have yet to even use the iPad version!

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