Dedicated to LQM, Music in the Aethers

After finishing up another thread, I was reminded once more of the contribution LeedsQuietMan made to this (and other) forums. So for a moment, I want to explore something a little, unusual.

Having spent time with a Swami, as a Pseudo Hippie, being born on the cusp of Generation-X and Y, and fooling around with some of the more forbidden arts (according to dogmatic religion), I got to thinking, what would music be like in the upper planes of existence. How would you create it? How would it be expressed? If any, what tools would there be?

For example, there are plenty of books on Atlantis, which theorize using crystals to store information, and as a conduit of great amounts of energy. There are non proven practices like using music for healing purposes, the practice of Reiki, and multiple other forms of energy work and manipulation that may or may not be helpful or useful, and very little if none has scientific fact behind it.

So, if LQM is learning the ropes up in those higher planes of existence, I’d bet music is one he’d latch onto pretty quick. So all the what’s / how’s and why’s are up to you.

I even have to think about this myself, so I’ll post later on about how I imagine it works up… there. :slight_smile: (LQM, I hope you’re listening!) :laughing: :wink:

Interesting thoughts, there is so much division on what is or isn’t in the hereafter… This always reminds me of that great tune “Rock ‘n’ Roll Heaven”, the mighty band in the sky concept… but then again… I don’t necessarily buy into that.

The wife and I have embraced a loose observation of Eccelctic Universalism… we are all one energy essentially. Our interpretation of this has us here in the physical to experience that which cannot be experienced without a body… so sound being a physical medium in the extent it functions for us in music, may be a factor in understanding how it could be different if we were just pure energy… I’m inclined to believe once you are in the pure energy state, you are all knowing, there is infinite knowledge, so not sure how musicality would fit in - would it still be necessary?

I fear a little that this topic, while fascinating, could be perceived as too delicate, could spawn the feared religious debates which generally end in locking or vanishing… I hope not, and hopefully those who wish to theorize on your suggestions can do so with Martin’s memory firmly intact and act accordingly.

All that said, I hope you CAN make music after we leave this realm, as it is one of the things I love most about this one. But there is seemingly only one way to find out.