Dedicating another drive for VST Samples - yes or no?

Hi, I’ve got some decisions to make as I’m reconfiguring my hard drive setup.

I’d like to know… is it more important to have the VST Samples on a drive that is…
A. separate from the Cubase program…or…
B. separate from the Cubase project files?

Currently my Cubase is on (C:), my Cubase projects and audio files on (D:), and my VST Samples also on (D:). I could potentially move the samples away to a drive (E:) but I liked having all my music studio stuff on D: in a folder called “Music Studio”. But if its better to have them on a drive that is different from the one that is capturing the audio recordings, then I’m willing to move them.

So, would it be best if I placed the VST samples on a drive of their own? Would I gain anything by having VST instruments playing back (from E:) while I record vocals (to D:), as opposed to using D: for everything?

Well it depends…

How large projects do you run?
Do you mix a lot of audio with sampled instruments?
What types of drives are you using (HDD or SSD)?
Have you run into any performance issues that requires you to change your current setup?

Normally, there should not be a lot of disk activity to and from your system drive while running Cubase, so if you run large projects with lots of audio and sampled instuments it could increase performance to move your samples to it.
On the other hand, disk are not very expensive, so getting a dedicated drive (preferably SSD) for your samples would probably be the best solution.


Aloha guys just to chime in on this,

Once I moved to an internal SSD drive I have had no need for any
external drives.

All my earlier VERY HEAVY works that previously used separate drives
for samples/audio/system etc, seem to run just fine on one internal SSD.