Deep Dream by Artur Wypich

I would like to present you my new composition “Deep Dream”.
Everything besides the piano is made on Cubase Elements 9 + HALion 6. Piano is Kurzweil Sp4-8.
Also this is first time I recorded myself while playing and made it public on YouTube…so I hope as my first audio/video production it is proper or near good at least:)
Hope to get some feedback or advices about making videos like this.
Listen and enjoy…I hope you’ll like it!
Thanks ! :slight_smile:

Nice! Love that upward harmonic movement.

nice work! keep them coming!

Thank you!
I appreciate it!

Hello Artur, I continue to admire your stuff (as Moozaw), and it’s great to see you play with such skill. It’s a great composition.

Thank you! Great to read that!