DeEsser Plugin in Cubase 5 64bit!!!

Hello all. Hope all is well with everyone. Thanks in advance for all help. i’ve been using Cubase 5 64bit for awhile. Have always used the DeEsser plugin. Today for some unknown reason, i tried to load the DeEsser plugin and it would not load. :neutral_face: Closed the program. Restarted the program…DeEsser shows in Vst’s. Tried to load it and nothing happened. i hit the panic button and uninstalled Cubase and reinstalled. Started the program, and now the DeEsser plugin does not even show in the Vst’s list in the program! What have i done wrong? Where did the DeEsser plugin go? Help please! In Windows Explorer, the DeEsser plugin is listed under Vst/Dynamics folder, but it won’t load. i cannot figure it out. Seems like there was a topic on this in the old forum, but i cannot find it. Thanks again to everyone for your help.

Maybe this is the thread you were looking for?

I really don’t like how you can’t search the old forum. I ended up using a google add-on for IE, if anyone else needs to do the same.

Thanks innerlyte! That did it! :sunglasses: Also took the advice on Google add on for IE. Thanks again!

There was post from a mod a while ago about searching the old forum - can’t find it now; thought it was a ‘sticky’…

Anyhow, here’s a version of what was said there, in this other thread I found (for future ref and anyone else looking in… :slight_smile: )

N-i-i-i-i-ce Puma0382!! :sunglasses: This is easy access! Thanks so much!!!