Default appearance of Pedal lines - how to change?


When writing for piano, I prefer the pedal lines to be dashed, but with a hook, not the star sign. When I try to change the default appearance in the Engraving options, I only can have either a normal line with the hook, or a dashed line with the star:

Why is that?

So in order to change it, I have to do it in the property panel, but the option only appears in Engraving mode, not Writing mode.

This is extremely cumbersom and takes a lot of time. Any way to change this by default? Am I missing something?

I tried to edit the sign in the Playing techniques menu, but that doesn’t work at all. When I try to edit the sign a “new music symbol” is automatically created, but even if I change the line to dashed, the appearance of the pedal line doesn’t change. And I don’t find the Pedal sign in the list to the left in the menu:

What am I missing? Any way to resolve this issue?

It’s not so much an ‘issue’ as a lack of functionality. I’d like to have this also. Dorico can this be treated as a feature request not just a comment?

Thanks for the feedback. I have made a note of your request to have an additional default appearance for pedal lines, and we’ll consider it for future versions.