Default CC levels.

Just going through the enormous fun of trying to balance a large Hollywood Orchestra template!

Just wondering, in Cubase 8 what is the default CC1 level? I mean before you actually enter a CC1 level in a controller lane. Velocity defaults to 100. What about CCs? Obviously it is at some level because you can hear an output even before inputting a CC level.

What do you reckon?

No level. It would be the VSTi that sets the default.

Ah ok. Didn’t know that. I’ll ask over at the Soundsonline forum.
Thanks Steve!

With the above in mind…
What’s the most efficient way to assign a basic CC1 value - say, 45 - at the start of each midi track?
I could open key editor for each track one after another and assign a value in the controller lane, but there must be a more efficient way?
Apologies if I’m being dim!

There are probably several ways, but the first one that comes to mind would be creating a short midi part with the data you need, then copying it to all the tracks involved. I know that sounds cumbersome. Hopefully there’s a way to to set it in the VSTi you’re using.

edit: of course you can always record enable all the tracks involved, hit record and move the mod wheel.

Having a ‘default’ setting would be EXTREMELY useful. That way if, for some reason chase is off or not working you can always hear your stuff. I find myself moving 3 or 4 cc faders when I want to record, because I’m not sure where it left off or why its silent…I press record - then I move the cc7,cc11 and cc1…:0

If you have a consistent track list…

As previously said, create a MIDI part with a CC volume event, as you wish…
Set this for all the tracks you need [doesn’t have to be the same for each track]

Save the file as a template [File/Save as Template]…give it a name…it’s saved in
Drive/Users/Username/Appdata/Roaming/Steinberg/Cubase [version]/Project Templates

Now, when creating a new project [File/New Project], the next dialog
offers you whatever templates you have stored…
Select the one you’ve saved from the list, and the project starts as you want.

Obviously, this template can store a whole lot more than CC info…this is the
“go-to” way to start a project with whatever pre-configured data you wish