Default CC Values As Part Of Track Presets?

It would sure be useful if I had the ability to save and load Track Presets that included my customized default values for a set of Continuous Controllers. I use VI Pro, and I would like to be able to set all CC’s that affect it to the default values I want at the start of a track, which can then be changed as I record and edit MIDI Parts.

But as I understand it, Track Presets do not include controller data, only MIDI Parts and Events.

The only way I can think of to work around this situation is to and save to the Media Bay brief MIDI Parts with the CC values I want and then drag them to the start of Tracks.

Am I right? Is there a better way to do this?


Yes, you are right. Track Preset doesn’t contain this.

You could save your own Project template. Or, you could save a MIDI loop, which would be an init file for every single track.

Thanks, Martin. I think at this point I’ll just take a template approach. I created a single note MIDI part in Measure -1 in one track, set all the CC initial values I wanted, then copied the Part to all MIDI tracks. That should work for now. Too bad there’s no mechanism in place to set these default values as part of a MIDI Track Preset, but nothing’s perfect.

I’ll have to experiment with and read up on MIDI loops. I’ve never had any occasion to use them. I tried unsuccessfuly to figure out how to save a MIDI Part (with CC data) into a file that could be loaded from the Media Bay.