Default "Custom scale" for chords or repeat sections?

Hi! I’m using Dorico 4 for mac, and lately I’ve grown accustomed to write lead sheets with bigger chord symbols and repeat sections than usual.
So for every project I need to select all the chords and repeat sections, choose “Custom scale - 150%” and for the Sengo symbol even 200%.

Is there a way to set my default scale for these entities to 150% or anything similar?

Thank you!

You could make your own shortcut?

Paste the following into your key commands file:

“UI.InvokePropertyChangeValue?Type=kEventCustomScale&Value=150” : [ “Meta+Ctrl+Alt+Shift+I” ]

(replace the bold text with your shortcut)

Hopefully you’ll see where it fits inside the file, it should look like all the others! I tried adding it to the Global section and it worked.

Not sure I understand how to do what you’re suggesting, but it sounds like a great solution.
Can you please elaborate? Where and how exactly should I paste this?

Sure. Are you Mac or PC?

Mac :slight_smile:

Does this help explain etc?

Most of the info you need will be half way down or so when keycommands_en.json is mentioned. Keep a copy of the original file somewhere!

Also, searching the forum for other people explaining might be useful - that’s all I did before editing mine.

Well, I tried for the past 30 minutes to get it done, but it just keeps canceling all of my keycommands.
I guess I’ll stay with my less superior method of select all + key command to select only chord symbols.
Thanks a lot, nonetheless!

If you PM me your file and the key command you want I could send it back?

Would increasing the size of the various chord symbol font styles work instead?

For the segno symbol, see here.

(In Dorico, if you’re finding yourself doing the same action multiple times, there’s a very good chance there’s a higher-level option or setting that will take care of it for you.)

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